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Hello & welcome!

Raechell, a name derived from my own name: Rachelle. At a young age, I became fascinated with all things art and history. As a nine-year-old girl I went looking for a band-ceramic settlement near the airport in Beek, and also at this age I bought my first Roman coin at the antique market in Tongeren. My fascination only grew since then!

With this growing passion for art, antiques and interiors, I earned a Master’s degree in Art History, and gained work experience in the art world on an international level. Then in 2020, my own Instagram account was created (@raechellhome), allowing me to share my enthusiasm for antiques, vintage and curiosities with a wider audience. Additionally, in April 2021, the webshop Raechell was launched; an opportunity for anyone who enjoys browsing and purchasing my offerings!

My goal is to give a “normal” space, character and personality by enriching it with stylish elements. This can be done by using vintage items or objects with a reference to the past.

On the webshop you will find a collection of Delft pottery, Gouda Pottery, West Germany and much more. Get inspired by taking a look at my online shop, and who knows, you might find something you like!

Have fun and enjoy,


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