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The packing process. Every order is a gift!

Every order at Raechell is a gift and is treated with care and attention. Below you can read every step of the process of getting your order shipped in the best possible way. The joy of your order starts with its unpacking!

Step 1: Blotting paper

Firstly, the product (or products) are wrapped in blotting paper to provide a first layer of protection against accidental bumps or drops.

Step 2: Bubble wrap and gift wrap

In order to protect even more effectively against bumps and drops, all products are packed well with bubble wrap. After the bubble wrap has been applied, the order is beautifully wrapped in gift paper.

Step 3: The icing on the cake

The package is decorated with decorative ribbon and stickers to complete the gift feeling!

Step 4: Securely in the box

The final step is to pack the gift safely in a cardboard box with padding, so that it arrives intact.

Now the package is ready to be shipped!

Order your own gift

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